[ 15/09/16 ]

Eilera is in this month Legacy magazine (DE)

[ 13/09/16 ]

New in the Warm/Cold blog : http://blog.eilera.com/2016/09/10/try-skills-imagination/

[ 23/08/16 ]

Some live action is coming up :
Face Your Demons album release party, in Semifinal, Helsinki, 29/9

The tickets are on sale at :


[ 07/08/16 ]

In the Warm / Cold blog today : Päijänne Intensity

[ 19/07/16 ]

A first limited edition of 'Face Your Demons signed by Eilera is now available at https://eilera.bandcamp.com

[ 28/06/16 ]

In the Warm / Cold blog today :


[ 24/06/16 ]

[ 24/06/16 ]

the new Eilera single "Angel made Temptress" is out now and features a beautiful and catchy but also powerful and heavy sounding title song. Eilera's unique voice is very well combined with piano as well as heavy rock guitars to create an intense atmosphere which is even more intensified in the video which is now online on our ECHOZONE YouTube channel. This single release also features a special spoken word track as well as the great acoustic song "To Mrs. D".
Get the single on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or via Bandcamp:


[ 23/06/16 ]

Coming up, on 24/06 :
The single 'Angel made Temptress' in its album sound version, as well as spoken words by Eilera and a B-side.
A floating journey between Heaven and Hell.

[ 27/05/16 ]

1st single 'Your Way' : Now available for download and streaming in Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer…


[ 25/05/16 ]

New audio / written article posted in the Warm / Cold blog
       the Celtic Journey to Your Way

[ 21/05/16 ]

Coming up!
First single from Face Your Demons
May 27th - Your Way (album version) + B sides

[ 14/05/16 ]

Welcome to Eilera's new website!

[ 08/04/16 ]

Eilera reveals the cover and the title of the new album.

'Face Your Demons' will be released together with Eilera's new collaborators Echozone (DE).

[ 28/10/15 ]

Eilera and her team have entered studio to record Eilera's new album. The first particularity of the album will be to be recorded Live, thus following the recording of its first three tracks, that were filmed in live videos. Its second particularity is to be financed by Eilera's fans.

[ 08/08/15 ]

How About This ?

[ 08/08/15 ]


[ 05/05/15 ]

Bio updated

[ 16/04/15 ]