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Welcome to Eilera's crowdfunding campaign to support the NEW ALBUM Waves ! (ENG/FR)

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Et voilà ! My 11 waves are contained in this box now.. and in this moment i am the happiest woman on earth. 🌊❤️🤘🏻



2018 has been the year of my demos turning into a new album called 'Waves', which will be ready in January 2019.

It has also been the year of the lyric-video for the single 'Face Your Demons', and of the video for 'Male-Female Balance', a song which i consider to be a milestone in my musical and production work.

'Face Your Demons' has been my "Phoenix album".

I filled it with several of the key elements which i believe, define Eilera, while pushing further the limits of my sonic exploration. Recording the album live in studio was a musical and a sonic challenge, which i took together with beautiful musicians and sound technicians.

'Face Your Demons' was an an album that i needed to take off my system, so that i would be able to move on to new shores.

The road-trip i took on the following summer fed me with fresh energy and inspired me some acoustic songs.

For the first few months of songwriting, i thought this album would remain "perfectly imperfect", my Kurt Cobain album, sort of. Yet i was fooling myself, for the ugly duck has grown into a majestic swan.

On a personal level, i was turning 40 years old.

For me, it translated into reflecting on my past, on its goods and its bads, its victories and its failures, on its mistakes and on its lessons learned. I thus decided that this album shall be the link between my past and my present and as such, that it shall unite musicians from my past and from my present. I was lucky that the persons i contacted agreed to join with me on this adventure. I believe that many of you will recognize those musicians..

Several guests also appear on this album, whose work and energy i feel grateful for.

Finally, last summer and automn were also dedicated to elaborating the crowdfunding campaign that will be launched in January 2019. - This was also so much work ! I am really looking forward to sharing it with you now.

You may then hear extracts from the songs, discover the visuals and the story of Waves and pre-order your copy, as well as the related merchandize items you like. It will be time for interaction 🙂 I hope you will get as excited as we are.

As i am now sitting in front of my computer, gladly reflecting on the work that has been done, i also feel hopeful for what is yet to come.

I wish that in 2019, 'Waves' gives you the feelings of depth and tranquility of the Ocean, as well as the feelings of excitment and life from its waves.

I wish that the hard work and energy that my collaborators have given be rewarded, with a great album, with concerts and with more interaction with you, our public.

And finally, i wish you all imagination, hope and strength for this new year.

May the force of Music be with You.

With love , Eilera

[ 20/06/18 ]

The video of Male Female Balance is now available for all to watch in Eilera's Youtube Chanel. This video is the 4th video from the Face Your Demons era. It comes after 3 live videos shot in studio for the songs Angel Made Temptress, Your Way, Deadly Together and 1 lyric-video for the album title-track.

If the album started with an encouragement to face one's demons, it concludes with encouragement to go through the natural steps of love, without fear. From the excitment of the unknown, all the way to, if we are lucky, harmony.

The song starts with the words "Please, don't fear me" and ends with "When we have this, darling, we have it all." This song is my Yin Yang song. - Eilera

youtube - 'Male female Balance'

[ 13/06/18 ]


Regardez le nouveau clip d'Eilera "Male:Female Balance" sur le site HARD FORCE

[ 18/04/18 ]

While the new album is still cooking, Eilera is offering some video work of its predecessor - Face Your Demons :

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you”, Carl Jung wrote. And i sang Face Your Demons. Thank you my music companions on the song Roni, Toni, Jan, Lauri and thank you David, my new visual companion who gave it motion. - Eilera

Eilera - Face Your Demons (official lyric video)

[ 12/11/17 ]

Dear all , The new album is still shaping up. In a few weeks from now we will be recording the drums in studio and shortly after that, i will be recording my vocals. This album is something new to me, with its acoustic skeleton. It feels to me as fresh as the Ocean which has inspired it.
It also feels like a long-awaited peaceful chapter in my life, which assembles my two countries : my mother-country France, which has inspired those songs and in which I wrote and composed them, and my living country Finland.
I therefore found it natural to invite musicians both from France and Finland to play these songs with me, and photographers/illustrators both from France and Finland to create its visuals with me.
My new album will be entitled : WAVES. - Eilera

[ 10/10/17 ]

Eilera's song 'Into the Sea' is featured in the compilation 'Mystic Spirits', to be found at :

For all Medieval Rock, Gregorian music, Gothic Rock, Ambiant Music and Celtic Metal lovers.

Check it out!


[ 05/09/17 ]

In 1 week, on 12/09, at 19.00 :
Live interview with Eilera on Szene Inside, at radio-hazzardofdarkness

[ 18/07/17 ]

I'm composing a new album. - Eilera


[ 17/05/17 ]

An interview of Eilera with Henry Lunabba - about music and her perspective on her work

[ 21/04/17 ]

I wrote this new article, which was published in Rockarama. Welcome to my bubble <3 - Eilera

[ 11/04/17 ]

Revamped video, to give a taste of the song 'Frozen Path' : It is in this place, east of Helsinki, where inspiration for the album 'Face Your Demons' first hit me. From this place came the landscape of the song 'Frozen Path', so i wanted to give a glimpse of it to the people who will listen to my album. The only difference is that, on the video, the ice is already in the process of breaking, because Spring is coming. On the day when the song started coming to life, i was walking on the strong ice, following a mysterious man, on a frozen path. - Eilera

Every year, the reviewers from Imperiumi - one of Finland's leading music webzines - vote for the top 5 albums of the year. 'Face Your Demons' is one of the albums which was selected in the top 5s of 2016… Feeling grateful. - Eilera (Top 5s of 2016)

Translation :

"One of the most interesting heavy rock albums for some time. When a truly dedicated Frenchwoman makes heavy metal together with Finnish musicians, it gives "Face Your Demons" - a rough and gentle bouquet of songs, something which is strange, but interesting to draw. This album has strong melodies and lyrics. "Face Your Demons" is at crossroads between Kate Bush and Virgin Steele. You can't get enough of it."

[ 27/03/17 ]

There is a new, excellent website about alternative cultures coming from Brazil, called Rockarama. They asked me if i'ld be willing to share some of my experiences as Eilera… Voilà!

Hello Brazil! Horns up from Europe!

#Eilera #Rockarama #newmedia #newwebsite #alternativecultures #epicrock

[ 27/02/17 ]

Eilera's song 'Face Your Demons' has been added to the playlist 'Metallia Suomesta' in Spotify.

[ 15/02/17 ]


I'll be giving a live performance at radio Spirit FM Helsinki, together with guitarist Roni Seppänen next Wednesday 22/02 at 13, finnish time.

Broadcasting area

101,4 MHz- Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and throughout the metropolitan region

92,2 MHz - Turku

[ 12/02/17 ]


Interview for Hard Force France:

[ 10/02/17 ]

Eilera's interview for Source Webzine, Br :

[ 30/09/16 ]

Dear all, today, we are reaching a destination together. 'Face Your Demons' is officially available, online or in your music shops :

[ 15/09/16 ]

Eilera is in this month Legacy magazine (DE)

[ 13/09/16 ]

New in the Warm/Cold blog :

[ 23/08/16 ]

Some live action is coming up :
Face Your Demons album release party, in Semifinal, Helsinki, 29/9

The tickets are on sale at :

[ 07/08/16 ]

In the Warm / Cold blog today : Päijänne Intensity

[ 19/07/16 ]

A first limited edition of 'Face Your Demons signed by Eilera is now available at

[ 28/06/16 ]

In the Warm / Cold blog today :

[ 24/06/16 ]

[ 24/06/16 ]

the new Eilera single "Angel made Temptress" is out now and features a beautiful and catchy but also powerful and heavy sounding title song. Eilera's unique voice is very well combined with piano as well as heavy rock guitars to create an intense atmosphere which is even more intensified in the video which is now online on our ECHOZONE YouTube channel. This single release also features a special spoken word track as well as the great acoustic song "To Mrs. D".
Get the single on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or via Bandcamp:

[ 23/06/16 ]

Coming up, on 24/06 :
The single 'Angel made Temptress' in its album sound version, as well as spoken words by Eilera and a B-side.
A floating journey between Heaven and Hell.

[ 27/05/16 ]

1st single 'Your Way' : Now available for download and streaming in Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer…

[ 25/05/16 ]

New audio / written article posted in the Warm / Cold blog
       the Celtic Journey to Your Way

[ 21/05/16 ]

Coming up!
First single from Face Your Demons
May 27th - Your Way (album version) + B sides

[ 14/05/16 ]

Welcome to Eilera's new website!

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