Aurélie Potin Suau was born in central France. She moved to south of France when she was 14.

The blue mountains of Cévennes have played a key role in her creativity, with their tradition of rebellion, freedom of cult, depth, wildness and folk music.


Aurélie's musical working alliances will take her to Finland, a country which progressively takes a bigger and bigger place inside her life.

Her life has thus been from its very beginning marked by the alliance and clash of warm and cold climates and cultures.


After years in academic music school studying the guitar, she starts her band called Chrysalis - briefly called Suspiria.

"Girls don't play metal music", she hears from a friend of hers. "This is not you".


Those words will always be at the back of Aurélie's mind.

She works as the guitar player and a composer in Chrysalis. She works with determination at attempting to open the minds in France to metal music and the minds of the metalheads to a different type of metallic music, one that includes elements from Celtic music, electronic music and jazz.


Chrysalis becomes a name on the underground metal scene in France and they sign a deal with Adipocere Records. Chrysalis record the CD 'Between Strength and Frailty' in 2000.

In these times the Montpellier / southern scene is active and fun playing with. Chrysalis, Kalisia, Hegemon, Your Shapeless Beauty, Fairlight.. all know each other and play music together.


Aurélie however starts to feel frustrated inside this band and she feels that her instrument, more than the guitar, is her voice.

She disbands Chrysalis and she moves to exploring new sides of her musicality under artist name Eilera.


With guitar player Loïc Tézénas she writes and composes the demo debut album 'Facettes' - a French word that means aspects, sides of one thing. (2003)

"I basically did whatever came through my mind without any boundaries. It was so refreshing after Chrysalis and so easy! All I had to do was to sing the melodies or bring a guitar riff,

and then we would complete the song together with Loïc. These were fantastic times of musical exploration and of friendship", says Eilera about the 'Facettes' times.


The main trademarks of Eilera's music appear now clearly : nordic strings on an edgy rock basis, and programmed concrete sounds to surround her voice.


The artistic dimension of her songs get Eilera to meet an open-minded and dynamic circle of people in the area of Montpellier and she and Loïc enjoy experiences such as playing live during the projection of Jean-Marc Sigaud's dance performance short movie, play an acoustic concert in Montpellier's Fnac shop, be on regional TV channel 7LTV, radio France Bleu Hérault and play shows in Montpellier and around.


As she is spending time in London looking for music partners, she gets a record deal offer from the Finnish record label Spinefarm, which she accepts.

Spinefarm is an independent company. Shortly after it is sold to Universal.


This collaboration thus lasts for 2 records.

The Ep 'Precious Moment' (2005) introduces the ' Eilera style' to a wider rock/metal audience.

It is an introduction to the LP 'Fusion' (2007).

Both releases get excellent press reviews, especially from France and Germany - and the word that comes back the most in reviews is "fresh".

(…) Like Björk and Anneke Van Giersbegern jamming in an Irish pub", writes French webzine Violent Solutions about the Ep.


"I learned a lot during this period of recording", says Eilera. "There is no turning back when you work with such pros as producer Hiili Hiilsemaa (HIM, 69 Eyes…), Max Lilja (Apocalyptica), Antti Lehtinen, Pasi Heikkilä (Hevisaurus) or when you have to direct a quartet in studio. There is no space for doubt. You must have faith in yourself and in your work and just do it. (…)

When Hiili told me I should produce myself I understood I had done something right. (…) "

After the Spinefarm times Eilera keeps working in France.

She explores the new options offered by internet.

She and Loïc compose a new album called 'Darker Chapter…and stars'.

This album is released first digitally, as Part I and Part II, together with an original artwork that combines drawing and photos, proper to each and every song, together with the story of each and every song, on

Later on, Eilera collaborates with local partner OMC Laudun Lardoise so that the album can be printed on CDs and distributed via Season of Mist (2012).


Eilera has played her songs live in France, in Finland and in Belgium.


'Darker Chapter… and stars' will be the end of the collaboration between Eilera and Loïc Tézénas.


After the last concert for Darker Chapter… and stars in France, and so much travelling between France and Finland, Eilera moves to Helsinki and starts writing the new chapter of her work.


She opens it with acoustic music, adapting her songs with cello, bass and celtic harp.

She also works on a couple of cover-songs, including Tori Amos's 'Winter'.

"It was once again a rich experience for me to work together with Lily Neill and her Celtic harp. Her sound is simply beautiful. A soft, elegant sound that I enjoyed singing to

and experiencing with. It was just what I needed to rest after the 'Darker Chapter… and stars' heavy times."


When she feels ready Eilera starts to compose for a new album.

She must learn to work differently, for the first time without Loïc.


She meets several musicians on her way with whom she starts collaborations, without finding stability.

Yet, with every new experience comes a new knowledge and the album keeps building up.


At the after-party of Tuska festival in the summer of 2013, she runs into an old acquaintance of hers : sound engineer/technician Tero Kinnunen.

Tero has been busy working with Nightwish and they have not met in a long time.

It is a coincidence that Tero found again Eilera's Ep among his CDs 3 weeks earlier and has been listening to it and loving it since then. At the party he tells her this story.


A couple of days after the party Eilera asks Tero if he would like to work with her on the new album and he accepts.


They start working officially together in February 2014 in Finnvox studio, with the recording of the first 2 singles of the album, 'Frozen Path' and 'Into the Sea'.


The rest of the year is spent doing more composing, writing, arrangement work and rehearsing with the musicians.


2015 starts with finalising the demo of the album together with the band and with the recording of 3 of the new songs in live video format :

'Deadly Together', 'Angel made Temptress' and 'Your Way'.

These videos were shot by Eilera's old friend Mitja Harvilahti (Moonsorrow), together with César Sanchez Lorráin.

These recordings were the occasion for Eilera and Tero to work on the band's live sound.

Band on the videos :
Eilera : vocals
Jani Luttinen : guitar
Lauri Salomaa : keyboards
Jan Sormo : bass
Waltteri Väyrynen : drums

"I did not see this coming, but the sound we got from the recording during the live videos, was precisely the sound I wanted for the whole album". Without acknowledging it, the pre-production of 'Face Your Demons' had been completed.
A few months later, Eilera entered the Artlab Studio in Helsinki again, to record 'Face Your Demons' live.
The musicians who were then with her are still currently together with her and they have started playing the first shows together in Helsinki.

Band :
Eilera : vocals
Roni Seppänen : guitar
Lauri Salomaa : keyboards
Jan Sormo : bass
Toni Paananen : drums
Tero Kinnunen : sound master

Eilera is currently working together with the German label Echozone / Bob-Media for promotion and FYD is distributed in Europe by Soulfood.